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Shui Hing Metal Works (Wholly owned by Shui Hing Winding Crown Mfy. Ltd.)
Diamond Stones Setting On Metal Parts
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Diamond Stones Setting On Metal Parts
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SHUI HING    One of the few companies in Hong Kong capable of high quality OEM diamond stone setting on metal parts

You've got the will,
We've got the skill!
Equipped with certified CNC precision engraving and milling machines and our highly qualified engineers, we provides the service of high quality OEM diamond stone setting on metal parts such as watch bezel, watch case, watch crowns*, dial, watch band, buckle, ring, bracelet or bangle made of stainless steel, copper, titanium, sliver or gold at a reasonable price.
We also provide economical** diamond stone setting to suit the needs of customers who wish to minimze production cost.  OEM orders by fax and email are welcomed.  Please send us the diagram of your OEM project for feasibility assessment and quotation.
Our diamond stone setting business has been in service since 1995, and we constantly upgrades our technological skills to provide better service and lower price.  Sugestion or question in regards to quality and technical issues are welcomed. Your opinion is very important to us.
*Exclusive skill of Shui Hing Metal Works
**Diamond stone setting methods other than the conventional method of CNC drilling





Shui Hing Metal Works * Flat A 11/F Yee Lim Fty Bldg, 32-40 Kwai Ting Rd., Kwai Chung, N.T. * Hong Kong